Savers Roundup January 2021: TFSA and RRSP season in a low-rate environment

What a difference a year makes for rates

Last January, we were talking about a 3.30% savings account at LBC Digital, and every financial institution on our savings account comparison chart had an interest rate of at least 2.00%, with the exception of Canadian Tire Bank. Today, Canadian Tire Bank leads our chart with a savings account interest rate of 1.80%, and most other rates are closer to 1.00%. Just last month, there were more rate decreases at LBC Digital and MAXA Financial, and Hubert Financial even decreased its rate twice in 7 days.

12 months ago, 5-year GIC rates were nearing 3.00%, and there was even a 1-year GIC promo at 3.00%. Today, we don’t even have a 5-year GIC at 2.00%. Although, you might not feel the impact of fluctuating rates as much if you’ve set up a GIC ladder.

But there is hope around rates, and not just for those who are in the market for a mortgage!

EQ Bank’s recently launched TFSA (and RRSP) offers the best rate around at 2.30%. They are also offering that rate for a TFSA or RRSP 3-month GIC. Even if you’re skeptical of how long the rate will last at 2.30%, EQ Bank doesn’t yet have any transfer-out fees.

Tangerine Bank continues to play the promo game, with January’s targeted new deposit promo offering 1.75% until May 31, 2021. Our promotions page features some other usual suspects such as Simplii Financial and CIBC, as well as a 1% transfer-in bonus from Meridian Credit Union for TFSA and RRSP funds.

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