Savers Roundup February 2021: New savings account options; RRSP-eligible promotions; a CDIC contest with $10,000 in prizes

New year, new banks

Looking for a new bank? Not only are there plenty of existing options from long-established financial institutions, but there are also brand new accounts to choose from.

New Ontario-only online bank Saven Financial (a division of FirstOntario Credit Union) has a 1.55% savings account and a set of GICs that include a 2.05% 5-year GIC.

Neo Financial, which launched last year, no longer forces you to apply for its credit card before you can open a savings account, although you must still use its mobile app to open the savings account for now. Neo Financial’s savings account, which is technically held behind the scenes by Concentra Bank, has an interest rate of 1.55%.

Lastly, Concentra Bank has its own savings account with a 1.55% interest rate, but for now this savings account is only available if you have a GIC with them.

1.55% is the second highest savings account interest rate on our comparison chart, whereas 2.05% for a 5-year GIC is better than any other rate on our GIC comparison chart.

Promos before RRSP season ends

Are you looking for a place to make your RRSP contributions before the March 1, 2021 deadline for the 2020 tax year? There are quite a few RRSP-eligible promotions on our promotions page, including the following:

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