Savers Roundup January 2022: CIBC’s 3.25% GIC and other new rate leaders; what’s your TFSA plan?

A big bank is a GIC rate leader

CIBC currently has a 3.25% 5-year GIC, which applies to a non-registered, TFSA, or RRSP GIC. That beats the best 5-year rate on our GIC comparison chart (3.00% at Hubert Financial) and it’s unusual for a big bank to be a rate leader.

Despite this market-leading rate, some of our forum members are being cautious. Are other banks (big banks or not) going to match the rate? And with the Bank of Canada’s key interest rate expected to increase this year, will there be further GIC rate increases? Or should you just stick to a GIC laddering strategy?

Wyth Financial takes the outright lead for a savings account interest rate

It’s the new kids on the block Wyth Financial (1.55%), Ontario-only Saven Financial (1.50%), and Neo Financial (1.30%) leading our high interest savings comparison chart to start 2022. Rate leaders at the beginning of each of the previous 5 years were Canadian Tire Bank (in 2021), Motive Financial (in 2020 and 2019), and EQ Bank (in 2018 and 2017).

After launching in November with a 1.40% rate, Wyth Financial increased its savings account interest rate to 1.55% in mid-December.

None of Wyth Financial, Saven Financial, and Neo Financial offer a TFSA, though. Wealth One Bank of Canada continues to have the highest non-promotional TFSA interest rate on our chart at 1.50%, followed by a 4-way tie at 1.25%.

What’s your TFSA plan?

Are you going to max out your $6,000 in additional TFSA contribution room this year? If so, that would put you in a small minority of Canadians.

For those who have a TFSA at all (of any size), are you aware that you can use it for more than a savings account? According to a 2020 BMO study, 41 per cent of those with a TFSA use it for mutual funds or stocks. Almost a quarter of respondents were unsure of what could go in a TFSA.

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