HSBC Direct — review by Darkman

Note: the $50 bonus offer has since expired

That HSBC Direct bank’s current promotion (mentioned above .. 3.5% .. with no fees banking, bill payments, unlimited withdrawals, etc .. all but check writing) – they give you 25 bucks bonus..if you signup and by a certain date have a balance of 100 dollars..

But just NOW .. they doubled it!!
As of today – their web site shows now 50 dollars bonus .. on the same conditions.. – double basically…

If you go there and it still shows 25 for you – refresh your screen then, or clean the cookies maybe, etc..

In any case.. i can use this account .. – and just signed up to it..
All HSBC ATMs and all Bank of Montreal ATMs.. – are your “home” machines .. so no interac charges if using them to take money out (same concept as PCF .. – where all PCF machines and all CIBC machines are your “home” machines)

Also all ATM machines belonging to THE EXCHANGE thingy are “your home” ones as well with HSBC Direct..
There are some.. but they vary.. – like for example in Winnipeg here, – National Bank ATMs would be part of that THE EXCHANGE as well.. – so it’s your “home” one also.. and free to use…

In other provinces there are way more different ATMs belonging to this THE EXCHANGE …

In any case here is HSBC Direct’s link:

And to qualify for this 50 dollars sign-up bonus you must open account between “May 2nd and July something” (forgot exact date) .. and then folow the rules.. by which date you have to have a 100 dol balance in there..

This offer was to expire on April 30th originally.. and was only 25 not 50.. but then they extended it till July.. (still 25 though) .. but just now doubled it to 50 🙂

Keep in mind couple of things though:
– New HSBC Direct customers ONLY qualify for this bonus
– One bonus offer per address (so i guess 2 people in the same household would not open 2 separate accounts) 🙂

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