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  1. Lau says:

    Just want to say great site Peter…I really enjoy the discussion threads and topics. Keep-up the great worrk…Lau

  2. Heather Bush says:

    just wondering about high interest rate canadian accounts with no maximum limit – I want to lock in a good return for a brief period(1-90 days) prefer savings account so I can access funds, while I seek investment assistance for real estate proceeds

    it seems all the banks pay good interst on only the first 100K, with over 800k – I want the best rate on all my money

  3. Jay says:

    Hi Peter,

    Just wondered if you’ve looked at Coast Capital Savings. They have a high interest savings account that looks comparable…2.75%, no minimum balance, no monthly fee, free unlimited transactions. And they also have a business savings account, with a few other strings, but still 2.75%


  4. Jeff Stuart says:

    Peter, I wondered why no mention of Altamira and Dundee on your list. Both offer similar products/rates to the companies on your list.

  5. den says:

    CanadianDirectFinancial.com is missing: 2%.

    Reply from Peter: Looks interesting. Feel free to start a thread in this forum to discuss your experiences with them. Then, we can add it to the chart ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. PC says:


    This website is great. I wrote about high interest saving account a week ago on my blog, which has a Chinese based audience, before I found this website. I’m not sure if it’s proper to mention my blog here but I’ll add your site to my post.

    Wonderful resources.


    Reply from Peter: Thanks for sharing. Hopefully your post will help and/or educate the Chinese audience!

  7. Craig says:

    Yo Peter,

    You should consider putting RRSP savings rates on your comparison chart if you have time. Usually RRSP savings rates and regular savings rates are the same at each bank, but not always (e.g. ICICI is currently paying 2.00% on RSP savings and 1.60% on regular savings).

    Great site. You must be attracting significant attention from the online banks by now!

    Reply from Peter: That’s a good idea. Thanks. Now I just need to get around to adding those rates (or maybe deciding on how to best display and maintain another list).

  8. Mark Sauer says:

    Wondering if you have any information about the high interest savings account at http://ally.ca

    I believe they are a fairly new online bank. Their savings account pays 2.0%, which is pretty good right now.


    Reply from Peter: Please see the discussion happening in this forum.

  9. Dave says:

    Hello Peter :

    Although still considered the new kid on the block , Ally deserves , until proven otherwise , a place on your comparison chart for high interest savings accounts. Also Peter would it not be more appropriate and/or beneficial to place the comparison chart of all these hight interest savings accounts by the interest rate they are providing?

    ie) Peoples Trust 2.1 %

    Canadian Direct Financial 2 %

    Ally 2 %


    Reply from Peter: Thanks for your feedback. I delay additions to the chart until there has been sufficient discussion about the bank in the forums. Also, I choose not to sort the chart by rate in the hopes of encouraging people to look a bit more into the other factors about a bank. Those are not policies that are set in stone, though. I invite you to continue further discussion on this in the forum.

  10. IHGAPTPI says:

    Any thoughts from the peanut gallery in regards to the possibility of a Wal-Mart Canada Bank setting up shop here in Canada? The pros and cons should be interesting although I personally welcome the competition. Food for thought !

  11. Rob says:

    I have a suggestion that I think might improve the comparison chart. Some institutions are “banks” that are CDIC insured up to $100,000 per account. A second group of listed institutions are “credit unions” and it is my understanding that some (or all?) of these are insured by their respective provinces with no limit. Finally, some listed institutions may not be insured at all (I don’t know, I haven’t researched them all and don’t claim to be an expert). Would it be possible to add a column to the comparison chart that lists “$ amount and type of insurance per account?” Thanks . . . great and useful website.

  12. Nick says:

    Hi Peter,

    I recently found your website and I think it’s terrific! There’s a topic I would love some input on. I don’t see a current forum on it, so I’m hoping you can start one, regarding fees for closing accounts.

    Edit: Discussion moved to this thread

  13. Leonard says:

    could you start a discussion about the new accelerate financial account thanks L.J.

    Reply from Peter: Feel free to start a new thread under this forum. If there’s enough discussion about it, I’ll then give it its own forum.

  14. Nicholas Appleton says:

    Hi Peter,

    Do you have any information regarding opening a bank account overseas, and would you recommend this?

    I was recently in Australia, and I noticed that the interest rate for a savings account was around 6%, which is substantially higher than here in Canada. I did a search on the internet for interest rates in other countries, and I noticed that in Brazil, it’s as high as 10%. I have an account with Ally (2% interest)and ING (1.5%), and prefer to keep my savings in a bank account vs. investing in the stock market, etc.

    I’m just thinking it could be advantageous to open an account overseas, but I don’t know if it’s possible, or if it’s naive of me to think it’s a good idea. Your opinion and any information you have on this topic would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Nick

    Reply from Peter: Unfortunately, I know close to nothing on this topic. However, I’d suggest bringing this up in the forum, where there are plenty of more knowledgeable people!

  15. msl25 says:

    Hi Peter, I am thinking maybe, it might be better if the http://www.highinterestsavings.ca website’s “Home” tab will display the 10 last Forum/Topic than the default 5. It seems better that way as some not so old posts are left out so fast especially if a new post comes along. Also, say if three new guests would make some topics at the same day, there goes the old topics to “wooff/gone!” I can search the older topics of course but if the last 10 posts are there maybe it will make the website easier to navigate and find information?

    Reply from Peter: Great idea. I’ve upped it to 12.

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